Thursday, June 17, 2010

Betty Boop

My friends, Rudy and Jen, are frequent customers. They ordered three cakes from me in one week! One of those was this Betty Boop cake. I thought this cake was going to be easy squeezy, but when I started to pipe her face, I ran into some difficulties. Because this wasn't a very big cake, the detailing of her eyes was hard. She had tarantula eyes to the max. I ended up having to redo her face three times! So frustrating, but I finally got it.

The Butterflies and the Bees

The adorable @Queen_Leer ordered a cake for her niece's birthday. She wanted butterflies, bees and flowers on it. Perfect for spring!

Since the butterflies and bees were floating above the cake, it was a little difficult getting a good picture of the cake.

And some matching cupcakes:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Man's Best Friend

My co-worker's son turned 2 a couple weeks ago. His son LOVES dogs, but instead of getting him one for his birthday, he ordered a 3-D dog cake from me. lol That kid got gypped, if you ask me!

I've never really made a sculpted cake, so I was nervous. It wasn't as horrible as I anticipated, but I don't think I'll be open to any more sculpted cakes any time soon.

My first and last 3-D dog cake:

Till Death Do Us Part

The lovely @clearasmud got married on the 5th. A couple weeks before that, a group of us at work threw her a surprise shower. Of course I made the cake!

Her wedding colors were red and black and she loves anything Día de los Muertos themed. So I combined those things to create this:

This is one of my favorite cakes. I lovelovelove it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Safari Adventure

The theme for the May birthday party at the DWC was Safari. I was really looking forward to this theme, because the cake possibilities were endless! But I ended up having eight cakes that week, so I didn't get to go as crazy as I wanted. The cake still turned out adorable!

Here are two of the animal toppers:

I put palm trees around the sides of the cakes, but do those grow in safari areas? I don't think so. haha Oops! My mom made the tiger-striped cupcakes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Cake is a Wonderland

Erin, a photographer at work and very lovely lady, celebrated her birthday last week. She loves John Mayer and so I made her a cake with him wishing her a happy birthday.

It's an edible image so it's nothing fancy, but she loved it. You know what part of the cake she ate? His face. haha