Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Navy

My cousin ordered a small pin-up girl cake. I don't know who it was for or the occasion though. All she said was that she wanted a pin-up girl in the navy with a white and red theme. So that's exactly what she got! haha

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cakes Like These...

I don't get many requests for music-related cakes. Bums me out! So I was super stoked to do this Foo Fighters logo cake.

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

I don't have kids yet so I'm not going to pretend to know what's hip when it comes to TV. A co-worker requested a Ni Hao, Kai-Lan cake last week. I said "Ni Hao, what?!" I had no idea what she was talking about. After a little research, she seems like the Chinese version of Dora the Explorer. She's super cute!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beware My Power... Green Lantern's Light!

I love superheroes. I love cakes. Combine the two and I'm in heaven. Here's a Green Lantern cake I made for @RokkSteadyND's son.

The Philadelphia 76ers

My cousin celebrated her wedding anniversary over the weekend. Her parents had a little get-together for the couple and I offered to make a cake. Her mom said "If you need a theme idea I'd say that Jesus and the Philadelphia 76ers are the glue that holds them together. hahaha" I went with a Sixers theme. lol

Laundry Day

The monthly birthday parties at the DWC haven't had themes for a few months now. It's made it a little hard to come up with a design for the cakes. I don't want to do just generic flowers, balloons, etc.

The ladies play games during the party. It's usually BINGO. The prizes have had themes, so I've taken inspiration from the prizes for the cakes. This month the prizes were laundry items.

The washer is way bigger than the person, but that's ok because it's a cake!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Arrr, Cakeys!

I don't know if I've said this before, but I am not a fan of half sheet cakes. They're big and heavy. My theory is that if you're having that many guests, get a smaller tiered cake and cupcakes. I think that looks better displayed than a big ol' cake. That being said, I won't turned down a half sheet cake order. haha I will turn down a full sheet cake order though. No way. TOO big!

Anyways, I got an order for a pirate-themed half sheet cake. The pirate theme made the half sheet not so bad.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Instead of taking a break during slow cake weeks, I usually end up baking for fun. My Jersey Shore cupcakes, Alice in Wonderland cupcakes and Nyan Cat cake all came from "baking for fun."

HelloGiggles is one of my favorite sites. During my recent baking fun, I made a cake just for them!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Curious Little Monster

My customers are mostly repeat ones. I've made a few baby shower cakes that turned into future 1st and 2nd birthday cakes. It's pretty awesome. This is one of those cakes. I will forever remember doing the baby shower cake for this lady, because I delivered it on my birthday and the cake was huge. The baby shower was at a park, but I had to deliver it to her apartment because I had birthday plans. I didn't know the party was moving to a park though. The apartment didn't look like it was set up for a party, but I set up the cake anyways. After I found out, I just keep thinking "I have no idea how they're going to get this huge cake from the apartment to a park." haha I guess they pulled it off though!

Anyways, so now two years later I made her daughter's 2nd birthday cake. The party was Elmo themed. Surprisingly, I haven't done much Sesame Street cakes. The candles in Elmo's hands are real.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe

My grandma turns 80 tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday over the weekend. She had asked me like three years ago to make the cake for this party. lol She LOVES Our Lady of Guadalupe, so it definitely had to be the theme for the cake.

A Very Angry Cake

The past weekend was full of family birthday celebrations. My cousin's son turned four on Saturday. He loves playing Angry Birds. The last time I went to their house he wanted to show me on "his" iPad how to play. Kids these days are so smart with technology. It amazes me!

Here's the Angry Birds cake I made for his birthday. He was way into it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Cake

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday! I've made him some pretty badass birthday cakes in the past like Murderface and The Goon. It's really easy to pick a theme for him because he gets obsessed with things and becomes all about them. His current obsession is Scott Pilgrim. I made his favorite volume into a cake!

Ramona and the logo are made out of fondant. I lovelovelove this cake!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sailin' On

It had been awhile since I gave away a custom cake on my Facebook page, so to make up for it a couple weeks ago I gave away three! One of the winners claimed her cake this week. And of course @fauxamor requested a challenging cake. lol

Here's what she wanted.

I said in a recent post I do not like 3D cakes, but since I like Pamela so much, I accepted the challenge. Here's how it turned out.

Not too bad. She loved it. That's all that really matters. :)

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is a popular baby shower theme, but until last week I had yet to make a cake with that theme. Weird! The cake didn't need to feed a lot of people, so I wasn't able to fit tons of animals on the boat. I definitely had to squeeze in two giraffes though!

Monday, August 8, 2011


3D cakes are not my favorite. I've only made a couple and every time I wish for death. I got a request for a Jimmie Johnson car cake. He's a NASCAR driver. Thankfully I had a 3D car cake pan, so making this cake wasn't so bad.

Jimmie Johnson's car

That Little Blue Box

One of my favorite customers celebrated her 40th birthday over the weekend. The colors she had for the invitations were coral and Tiffany blue, so she wanted those colors for the cake. She also wanted the cake to look like gifts. I've done a lot of gift cakes before, so this was easy squeezy!

It's hard to tell in the pic, but the top "gift" has a diamond pattern with blue sugar pearls. So cute!

Childhood Memories

My mom used to make me smashed meat on bread when I was a kid. It's a recipe she got from my grandma. The title says it all: smashed ground beef on bread, cooked in the oven. I'd eat it with ketchup. It was simple and delicious! My grandma's birthday was last week, so I thought I'd pay tribute to her recipe by making it a cake!

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's in the Bag

The same co-worker who ordered the penny cake, also ordered two purse cakes. She wanted one leopard print and one Coach print. The Coach logos look so good because it's an edible image. haha But I did draw the leopard spots.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

I make a lot of the same theme cakes. Of course I love making them all, but it's nice when I get a request for something different. A co-worker wanted a birthday cake for her dad. He collects coins, so she wanted a 1943-S penny. I guess it's a rare coin. I don't know anything about coin collecting, but I was excited to make this cake! Instead of "In God We Trust" I put her dad's name. And instead of 1943, I put his birth year.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's Hello Kitty season! Or something like that, because I've gotten a lot of Hello Kitty cake orders lately. I've done a few Hello Kitty face cakes before, so I wanted to change things up with this one. My co-worker's daughter's favorite color is purple, so I wanted to incorporate it in the cake. Other than that, I didn't really plan out a design. Going with the flow was a good idea, because the cake was adorable!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Captain Americake

One of my bosses loves Captain America. I made him a Captain America shield cake for his birthday a couple years ago. I thought I'd get a little fancier this year. And the movie comes out this week. Coincidence? I think not!

Cap was made out of fondant, of course. :)

Pee-Wee's Sweet Adventure

There's a screening of Pee-wee's Big Adventure on the beach tomorrow night. I told my friend Justin that I was going to make Pee-wee cupcakes for us to eat during the movie. He knows the guy putting on the event and before I knew it, he made a deal for me to sell my cupcakes at the event. I went from making probably a dozen cupcakes to making almost 100. lol

I didn't have enough time to make fondant toppers, so I made some out of card stock. Here's a pic of the toppers...

And the cupcakes...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter

One of the winners from the bake sale at work loves Harry Potter. Since the last film comes out tomorrow, she ordered a cake to celebrate! She sent me some pictures of cakes she liked, but told me to do whatever I wanted with the cake. I love Harry Potter, too. I've been re-watching the films to get ready for the last one, so I was super prepared to make this cake!

Tom Riddle's diary, basilisk fang, golden snitch, wand, glasses and a Gryffindor scarf...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Unicorns and Rainbows

The wonderful VS_Jess requested a cake for her daughter's birthday. Her daughter loves horses - all horses, real and fantasy. Fantasy ones are more fun, so I went with a unicorn theme. When it comes to unicorns, you've got to have rainbows, too!

You can't really see it in the picture, but the unicorn and blue part of the cake are covered in pearl dust. Sparkle, sparkle!

BTW, Jessica makes some awesome hair bows/flowers. Check out Vintage Swag on Facebook.

Happy Trails to You...

I got a last-minute cake order this past weekend. They wanted something simple, so I took it. Here's a going away cake for a family moving to Texas.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Kitty + Zombie + Nerd = Awesome

Raysa, one of my BFFs, won a custom cake from me months ago. She finally claimed her cake for her birthday last weekend. She said she wanted a nerdy or zombie Hello Kitty. I decided to combine both for one awesome Hello Kitty. You can't really see it in the picture, but I covered the cake in red splatter. I love putting "blood" splatter on cakes!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Courtney in Wonderland

My BFF and I have the same birthday. We rule. Her hubby planned a surprise birthday party this year and asked me to make the cake. He didn't have a theme for the party, so I went with Alice in Wonderland for the cake. Each tier represents her favorite characters. The bottom is the Queen, the top is the Cheshire cat and the topper is the Mad Hatter. My favorite part was painting the roses red. hehe

Let There Be Light!

A co-worker's daughter graduated from high school last week. She wanted to order a cake from me, but didn't know what theme to pick. She told me a few things about her daughter and as soon as she said that she's going to UC Santa Cruz, I knew that was the theme. UCSC's mascot is the banana slug! So awesome!

I wish I could make more cakes with slugs on them. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Russian Nesting Doll

My sister is the bestest friend I've ever had. We've been inseparable for 28 years! I've been making her birthday cakes for the past few years. Here are some of the cakes I've made her...

Sugar skull. Obviously this was before I took any cake decorating classes. haha

LittleBigPlanet... her favorite game.

Woody... her favorite Toy Story character.

It took me awhile to figure out the theme for this year's birthday cake. Then I remembered the Russian nesting doll measuring cups I got her for Christmas and thought that would be the perfect theme for a cake! This is by far one of my favorite cakes I've made.

Fullmetal Alchemist

I know nothing about Fullmetal Alchemist. Well I know it's a manga and we carry the product at work. I know that Mike's cousin loves it. It was his birthday last week and his cousin didn't really have any plans, so Mike invited him over. As soon as I found out, I knew I had to make him a cake! Since I don't know anything about Fullmetal Alchemist, I decided to go with a simple logo. I don't know what this logo means at all, but as soon as his cousin saw the cake he got super excited. So I guess I did it right. haha


One of my favorite people in the entire world, @GenSpin, hit me up for a last-minute cake order for her BFF. I didn't have any cakes to make that weekend, so I was free. Yay! Her BFF wanted a Pinkalicious themed cake for her daughter. At first I thought she wanted a pink colored cake. lol But as soon as she explained that Pinkalicious was a book, I knew what she was talking about. A little girl obsessed with pink and cupcakes... sounds a lot like me! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Love Nyan Cat

In case you don't know what Nyan Cat is, first of all, what's wrong with you!? ;) Just kidding! Here's the video...

I'm obsessed with Nyan Cat AKA Pop Tart Cat. It's so cute! I've been saying I'm going to make a cake of it for a few weeks now. Friday was @rab419's birthday, and since he also appreciates the Nyan Cat, it was the perfect time to make the cake!

I even make the cake batter rainbow.


Baby Safari Adventure

Mike's friend and his lady are having a baby. The baby shower was yesterday and of course I made the cake! The theme was safari and all the future baby momma requested was a monkey hanging from a tree and a giraffe. I put that on top of the cake, "Baby Maddox" around the tiers and a leaf border. And voilĂ , a safari adventure!

The Bride's Slipper

The lovely @GenSpin ordered a cake for her future sister-in-law's bridal shower. Her sis-in-law loves Louboutin shoes so the shower favors were little shoes with red bottoms. Cute! The wedding colors are deep plum and gold. So with that info, this is the cake I created.

This was the first fondant/gum paste shoe I've ever made. I think it turned out nice!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

One of my work BFFs and social media partner in crime, Justin, is leaving Hot Topic. :( I'm super bummed about it because he's the one that makes work fun. During these weird times at work, he kept me laughing. It's gonna be weird not seeing him almost every day.

Working in social media together, we got to spend the day watching stupid videos. One of our favorites is the Honey Badger. Justin is like a honey badger, so for his last week of work I made him this cake.

I smashed part of the red border putting the cake in the box, but I figured the honey badger don't care. It doesn't give a sh*t. :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All the Buzz

Mike's cousin knows how to throw a party. Her daughter's first birthday was this past weekend, so you know she went all out. The theme was bees and she asked me to make some cupcakes. She likes things simple, so I frosted the cupcakes in a beehive shape and make little bee fondant toppers.

Here's the cupcakes in the stand. The sign says "Reecey's Sweetsies."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Cake Makes No Sense

A co-worker has been reminding me for a few months that her birthday is in May and she likes unicorns, just in case I wanted to make her a cake. lol Well her birthday is finally here. She has a vase on her desk with dirt and grass in it and in the middle is a little unicorn figure. Here's a pic of it...

I thought it would be fun to make a cake of that. It has a unicorn and I think she'd get a kick out of it. Here's my version...

I couldn't find the same unicorn figure, but that's alright. I hope she likes it. I'll find out in a couple hours.

I love making silly cakes!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dexter Table Reading

A former co-worker emailed me last week with the most amazing opportunity! His friend works production on Dexter and she was looking to order some cupcakes for the first table reading for season 6. My former co-worker had shown her the Dexter cupcakes I had made before and she wanted me to make them. Ahhhhhhhhhh! *dies* Dexter is one of my favorite shows, so I was beyond excited.

So I made "blood" splatted cupcakes with knife, syringe and Dexter logo toppers. And a few of the cupcakes spelled out "Season 6."

I delivered these yesterday to the studio. I got to walk by the set and wardrobe. Eek! And the table reading room had scripts for the first episode of season 6 on the table. I wanted to peek so bad!! The cast was supposed to arrive an hour later, so I didn't get to meet any of them. :/ Buuuut the production lady said they're probably going to ask me to make the wrap party cake! Ahhhhhh! *dies again* I told the lady I hope they enjoy the cupcakes and she said "Oh, they're gonna love them. Michael C. Hall is gonna eat those cupcakes. The whole cast is!" *dies again*

Best cupcake/cake order ever.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Heffalump

My lovely friend Kandy had her baby shower a couple weeks ago. It was Heffalump themed and the colors were purple and turquoise.

I made a Heffalump topper out of fondant and had purple flowers and turquoise butterflies cascading down.