Monday, May 24, 2010

Bake It... Bake It Good!

First of all, Devo is awesome. So when I got an order for a Devo Energy Dome cake, I was all over it!

This was one of the easiest cakes I've ever made. Icing it was a little tricky, since each tier wasn't two layers.

Here's a picture of the hat:

Here's the cake:

Yep, I totally listened to Devo's "Whip It" as I was typing this. I should have listened to it as I was making this cake. Good thing I have to make another Energy Dome cake for tomorrow!

Unicorns Do Exist...

In cake form! hehe I didn't know people were actually into unicorns. I mean, I guess they're cool on Lisa Frank stuff. Other than that, I don't see the appeal. I can't hate though. To each her own!

This was a really small cake so I didn't have room to get all crazy with rainbows and other magical things.

A unicorn head on the top:

And "Happy Birthday" on the side:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dude Cake

One of my friends, a frequent customer, ordered a Blink-182 themed birthday cake for her birthday. Actually, now that I think about it, three of my cakes this week are for this friend. Woah!

There were many possibilities when it came to this cake, but I narrowed it down to Blink's bunny logo or the smiley face logo. I decided to go with the smiley face, because I wanted to do more painting instead of piping.

Here's what the logo looks like:

Here's the cake:

Not too shabby!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sparkly Kitty

Another Hello Kitty cake. I think this is my third one. The only things the person requested is that the cake have black, sparkles and be cute. So I made the top black with cake sparkles and her bow is filled with pink sugar. Black, sparkles and cute... done, done and done!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Stay Classy

My most rad friend, Megan, turned 27 on Saturday. To celebrate, she had a classy motherf-ing party. Guests were to dress in whatever made them feel fancy/classy. I, of course, channeled my inner Golden Girl. I found a shiny blouse with shoulder pads at the thrift store for only $3! Here's a pic of me having a gay ol' time:

For her cake, I took @TheDailyStache's logo and added "Stay Classy."

Stay classy, Blogspot.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

I donated my cake services to a silent auction at work last month. The highest bidder paid $55 for a cake. Woo hoo! And through the auction I got a cake order! One of my co-workers wanted a cake in the shape of a human heart with a knife in it. A lovely way to tell someone happy birthday! haha

A knife in a cake, I've done before. A cake human heart-shaped cake, I haven't. I ended up using a football-shaped pan and just cut it a little. I think it turned out good! Oh, and I used piping gel for the dripping blood.

Queen for the Day

A co-worker's friend emailed me about making a crown cake for her daughter's birthday. The theme for the party was Mary Engelbreit's Queen for the Day. Cute idea! So she wanted a purple and yellow crown cake.

I'm still figuring out my cake serving sizes. I tend to make cakes too big and that was the case with this cake. The cake was really tall. Instead of making a really tall crown, I used fondant to make a "cloth" skirt around the bottom. It made it look a little more fancy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puppy Love

Another cake for someone in HR! At work, we're allowed to bring in our dogs on Fridays. Marcelle in HR has the cutest dogs, so I always make sure to stop by her desk to see them. She turned 30 last week, so I made her a pug-themed cake.

P.S. This was my first attempt at a fondant dog. I think he turned out cute!

A Little Something Refreshing

My first cake order through Twitter! The lovely @RokkSteadyND hit me up about making a No Doubt cake for her birthday. If you know me, you KNOW I LOVE No Doubt. So I'm always excited to make this kind of cake, especially if it's for someone who's also obsessed with the band.

While texting and coordinating the cake drop off, I found out that Blanca works two blocks from where I live! Small world! She also invited me to her birthday dinner at Acapulco and that's where I dropped of her cake. I was shy, but I had oodles of fun! =)

I've already made a cake with this design, but this time with rasta-colored borders. I like this one better than the previous No Doubt cake. Two things made this one of my favorite cakes... 1. It's a No Doubt cake (duh!) 2. Blanca was SO excited about it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Married? You're as Mad as a Hatter!

My lovely ladyfriend, @clearasmud, is getting married next month. Her bridal shower was last weekend. She LOVES Alice in Wonderland so it was no surprise that it had a tea party theme. It was très cute!

She requested a Mad Hatter hat cake. I used the Disney version one and put her wedding date on the card.

I ended up being the one to cut the cake and that was NOT easy. I make the cake. I don't cut them. =)

A Gold Star

I've been making cakes for a women and children's shelter for over a year now. Maybe even two years. The last one I made was a few months ago, but I've been keeping in touch with them. They just haven't had any birthdays... until April! I was SO excited when they called me! The shelter and the DWC cakes are definitely my favorite to make.

A star-shaped cake for a girl who turned nine years old:

Twilight Series

This is the second Twilight cake I've done. I'm surprised I haven't gotten requests for more, but I'm glad. haha I'm not into the series at all.

This is pretty much exactly like my previous Twilight cake, but a smaller version. It incorporates all the book covers.