Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Candy Shop

I've been wanting to make a gumball machine cake for-ev-er! I finally had the chance to for this month's DWC birthday party. The theme is candy shop... perfect!

The only problem was that I made the cake a week early. :/ My mom told me the party was this week. She was wrong. So I'll have to re-create this cake next week. I'll just look at it as practice makes perfect. haha

Santa's Favorite Sport

I would hate to have my birthday around Christmas. First, most people try to count one present for both your birthday and Christmas. Second, I bet most of your birthday cakes have some sort of Christmas theme. Thankfully, my birthday is in June. haha

This is the second Christmas-themed birthday cake I've made this month. At first look you think it's just a Yankees cake, but Santa managed to sneak in on the side. He's so tricky!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Once, twice, 84 Times a Ladybug

I got an order for a ladybug smash cake with matching cupcakes. Easy, right? Not when the order is for 84 cupcakes! I knew the cupcake toppers weren't something I could do in one sitting, so thankfully I was smart and started them earlier in the week. I was so over ladybugs by the time I finished this order. lol But they turned out adorable!

A Sweet Trip to China

I donate cakes to a women and children's shelter in Brea. These cakes are my favorite to make! If I could somehow make a living and donate all my cakes, I totally would.

The birthday girl wanted an Chinese themed party. I knew it had to have red and that I wanted a fortune cookie and fan involved, but it was still missing something. I really didn't want to make a dragon, because it just seemed way too hard. When I couldn't think of anything else to add to it, I attempted to make a simple dragon. It turned out better than I thought! It's not excellent, but it worked. :)

Let There Be Light

A UC Berkeley-themed cake for a co-worker!

Uh oh... Moonwalker's Back

I lovelovelove Michael Jackson. "Black Or White" is my jam! I was pretty stoked when a co-worker asked me to make a MJ cake for her best friend's birthday. It was a small cake so I fit the essentials on it: his sparkly glove, his hat from Moonwalker and a record.

The title for the blog is from an Aquabats song. Just FYI. :)

The Roaring Twenties

Last month the theme for the DWC's birthday party was the Roaring Twenties. If it weren't for the DWC I wouldn't get to make all these cool cakes. I love all their unique birthday themes!

I didn't get a picture of it, but the sides of the cake have black fringe like on the dresses of flapper girls.