Friday, August 27, 2010

Superhero Mashup

I've met a lot of great people through Twitter. One of those people is @RokkSteadyND. I made her a No Doubt-themed birthday cake a few months ago. I also met her son when I delivered that cake. He's SO adorable! He's turning 5 now, so Blanca asked me to make his cake. He loves Spider-Man and Batman, so I made a cake with both superhero themes.

This cake turned out so perfect!

All Flavor. No Bite.

The delightful Miss @DFid turned 22 yesterday. Like my brother-in-law, she has gotten some of my best cakes. This year I made her a True Blood-themed cake.

Tru: Blood bottle in a red velvet flavor...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camp Out

The theme for this month's DWC birthday party was camping. I don't even know how the coordinators come up with some of these themes, but I enjoy it! It gives me a chance to branch out and make new types of cakes. I loves it.

A tent, a campfire with a roasting marshmallow and a river. What more could you want in a camping scene?

The Goon

I love my brother-in-law for many reasons. One of my favorite reasons is because he's into cool things which means I get to make cool-themed cakes! Last year I made him a Murderface cake.

I LOVED that cake. I didn't think I could top it until I figured out the theme for his birthday cake this year... The Goon! He's totally into that comic, so I had to make a cake with that theme. I found a really awesome sketch of the main character and redrew it on the cake. The logo is made out of fondant.

I LOVELOVELOVE this cake! It turned out so rad.

A Day at the Beach

My favorite gift to give is a cake. It's the perfect personalized gift! Even though it can't be kept forever, it's something that takes a lot of thought and time to create.

Mike's friend's daughter turned one last week. When I got the invitation for the birthday party, I immediately made Mike text his friend to ask if I could make the cake. Sometimes I'm a little pushy. haha She was all for it though. The party had a beach theme. I went with a entire beach scene with water, sand and a blue sky.

A Manly Luau

One of my friend's hit me up for a Hawaiian/luau themed birthday cake for his cousin who was turning 10. When I think of a 10-year-old boy's birthday, luau doesn't come to mind. Maybe for a girl. So I made the manliest luau themed cake I could think of... bamboo sticks, a volcano and a tiki mask!

The bamboo stick border took an hour to make. Yikes! It was totally worth the time though. The tiki mask is my favorite.

Under the Sea

The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. Hands down. Aladdin is a close second, though. So I always enjoy getting a request for a Little Mermaid themed cake.

Next time I need to watch the movie while making the cake. Fun times for sure!

Hello... Kitty

I've gotten to know so much more people at work just through making cakes. Word of mouth is the best advertising ever! A co-worker requested a Hello Kitty face cake to feed four people. Four people? That would be a tiny cake! I made a cake that would serve a few more people so I'd have enough cake to work with.

I've made a few Hello Kitty cakes before and this one is definitely my favorite. It came out so perfect!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Queen of Hearts

It's my friend Emiry's birthday today. Yesterday we went out for drinks to celebrate. I wasn't planning on going since I'm sick, but I didn't want to be a flake. I don't like to go to birthday celebrations without a cake. haha So I made this cake like an hour before we were supposed to go out. Hooray for last minute cakes!

She likes Alice in Wonderland so I made her a Queen of Hearts-themed cake. It's not very detailed and doesn't have the Queen anywhere on it. I didn't have a lot of time to make it. I think it's super cute though!

The Monster and The Bride

The lovely @VS_Jess's 6 year anniversary was this past weekend. She mentioned that she would love to have a Frankenstein-themed cake to celebrate. That's a theme I've been wanting to do, so I offered to make her one. She was excited, but I think I was more excited. haha

I made a Frankenstein bride and groom out of fondant. The bride is my favorite! She's so cute! I put the couple on a green cake with stitched red hearts. This is definitely one of my top 10 favorite cakes.

I Throw My Toys Around

I've done a few Toy Story themed cakes lately. I don't mind one bit. I love all the movies! This one has the toys hanging out on the floor.

While making this cake I realized that I need a Lego brick ice tray to make shaped chocolates. I'm sure it'll come in handy often.

Mr. Potato Head and His Bucket of Parts

I love Mr. Potato Head, especially in the Toy Story movies! So as you can guess, when I got an order for a Mr. Potato Head cake, I was all over it! My original plan was to have him standing up with his back open and extra body parts falling out, but I didn't have enough time to make it happen. Next time! I did make him sportin' a sweet 'stache though.

I love this cake so hard!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Tasty Initiative

My friend, Emily's, birthday was last week. She had a LOST/tropical themed birthday party. I couldn't go because I was going to Vegas that day. Her house is on the way to Vegas, so even though I couldn't go to her party, I was still able to make her a cake. Yay!

I've only seen the first season of LOST, so I was pretty clueless. I looked for ideas online and came across the Dharma Initiative logo. I decided to go with that.

Baby Carriage

A co-worker asked me to make the cake for her baby shower. At first, she wanted it shaped like a baby carriage. Then she showed me cakes she liked with polka dots and stripes. So I decided to combine both ideas! Woo hoo! And since she's having a boy her colors were blue, green and brown.