Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Freckle-Faced Redhead Girl!

I LOVE Pippi Longstocking. Love, love, love! The "Scrubbing Day" scene is the best ever. I've always wished I could clean my house like that. *sigh* A girl can dream...

When I got an order for a Pippi cake, I was super stoked! I browsed the internet for some ideas and came across an awesome picture. So I decided to copy it. =)

I used fondant and food markers to make the image. The letters and flowers are made out of fondant.

I made an orange braid border for the bottom to represent her spunky pigtails.

I love this cake so much. I wanted to keep it for myself!

I'm a Little Teapot

The theme for this month's birthday party at the DWC was Victorian tea party. The cake is pretty obvious...a teapot! I didn't want to make a huge teapot, so I thought some cupcakes would be good on the side. Not just any cupcakes though...teacup cupcakes! I bought girly cupcake wrappers from etsy and then added a little paper handle.

Here's the teapot cake:

Teacup cupcakes. My mom baked these. Spice cupcakes with a caramel topping. Yum!

The entire display:

It was a delicious and fancy affair!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I had some leftover batter from my lemon bar cupcakes and I didn't want it to go to waste. So I made a mini mustache cake!

A lemon cake with chocolate frosting? I wasn't too sure about the combo, but @emsiehammer tried it and liked it. I think she more than liked it, because she ate the whole cake!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Commemorating the Wedding Day

My sister is getting married next week. Yay! The HR department (where she works) threw her a shower this week and they asked me to make the cake. I was going to do a little wedding cake, but since it was for my sister, they wanted me to make it more personal. You'd think I'd be able to come up with an idea quickly since it's for my sister, but I couldn't think of anything for a long time! And then, it came to me...

My sister loves going to Cirque du Soleil. Every time she goes, she has to get a "commemorative cup" and then she has to show it off. So a commemorative cup wedding cake seemed like the perfect theme!

Here's the front. The back says "Official Collector's Cup."

The top:

Matching cupcakes:

Flower Power

Generic birthday cakes aren't as easy as they look, especially ones with flowers. Someone in the DC at work ordered a birthday cake and all she requested was flowers/roses and a Happy Birthday greeting. Simple enough, right? Not so much. Roses are very time consuming! Plus I was feeling lazy this week. So when it came down to making the flowers, after five roses, I was out. I then switched to much easier flowers. =)

I probably should have made more flowers to put around the entire cake, but I still like how it turned out. And the writing came out great, so I'm happy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fired Up

I haven't been to many baby showers. In fact, I think I've only been to two. I've made a lot of baby shower cakes, though! I had no idea there were so many theme possibilities! I've done butterflies and rubber ducks, which aren't wacky for a shower, but this past weekend I had an order for a firefighter themed cake.

I made the firemen, firetruck and ladder out of fondant. This was only the second time I've made fondant people and I think they came out pretty darn cute! I enjoy the firetruck, too. And polka dots are always fun!

Monday, November 9, 2009

This Cake is Super Rad!

To welcome @tonyrad1 to Skalifornia, I decided to make him a cake. And what better way to represent California ska than with an Aquabats theme!

It's a white Russian flavored cake. I think we'd have to eat like five of these to even feel anything. It hasn't been cut yet, so I don't know if the checkered patterned came out. Hopefully, it did! *crosses fingers*

I think I need to make a series of ska cakes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spring into Action

The theme for the DWC October birthday party was superheroes. I was SUPER excited about making a cake with this theme. I decided to go with a general superhero cake since the decorations for the party included Hulk, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and IRON MAN.

My original design had a ton of action words popping out of the cake, but when it came around to actually decorating the cake, I got lazy. =/ So this is a very simplified version of my design. I still love how it turned out and all the ladies at the DWC loved it, too. =)