Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spring into Action

The theme for the DWC October birthday party was superheroes. I was SUPER excited about making a cake with this theme. I decided to go with a general superhero cake since the decorations for the party included Hulk, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and IRON MAN.

My original design had a ton of action words popping out of the cake, but when it came around to actually decorating the cake, I got lazy. =/ So this is a very simplified version of my design. I still love how it turned out and all the ladies at the DWC loved it, too. =)


  1. Gah! It's even got the Batman action bubble things! #WIN!

  2. That's very cool--my son is a big superhero freak, he would've dove right in there, heehee!! cute!