Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Something Refreshing

My first cake order through Twitter! The lovely @RokkSteadyND hit me up about making a No Doubt cake for her birthday. If you know me, you KNOW I LOVE No Doubt. So I'm always excited to make this kind of cake, especially if it's for someone who's also obsessed with the band.

While texting and coordinating the cake drop off, I found out that Blanca works two blocks from where I live! Small world! She also invited me to her birthday dinner at Acapulco and that's where I dropped of her cake. I was shy, but I had oodles of fun! =)

I've already made a cake with this design, but this time with rasta-colored borders. I like this one better than the previous No Doubt cake. Two things made this one of my favorite cakes... 1. It's a No Doubt cake (duh!) 2. Blanca was SO excited about it.


  1. Wooo Hoo!! Thanks so much for the NO DOUBT cake, plus it was sooo yummy! This is by far the best birthday cake I've had made for me ♥