Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Fist-Pumping Good Time

I love Jersey Shore! I wouldn't call it a guilty pleasure, because I'm not ashamed at all. I even yelled "fist pump" at my bar last weekend. I'm a proud fan! haha So of course I made cupcakes for the season finale.

I thought the finale was next week, so these were made in a rush. I think they turned out awesome! My lovely bff @cupcakesncones gave me her Snickers cupcake recipe. Snickers for Snooki! I used green, white and red baking cups to represent Italy's flag. And then made fondant toppers.

Here's all the cupcakes:

Jersey Shore logos and Italy's flag with "G.T.L." written on it. Gym, tan, laundry baby!

Instructions on how to fist pump:

The Situation's abs, Pauly D's hair and Vinny's fedora:

Snooki's favorite snack, pickles, J-WOWW's boobs and Sammi's bff, her hair extensions:

Ronnie is missing. I couldn't think of something that represented him, so he got left out. Sorry Ronnie!


  1. Anj, did you ever know that you are my cupcake hero?

    Also, my captcha word I had to type in to verify my ID was "pantries"; apropos!

  2. This is so great! Hall of fame cupcakes! So creative. :)

  3. bwahahahahaah! oh man these came out SO good!!!!!

  4. Your Fantastic. I LOVE these!

  5. wow, but Ronnie could have a beer bottle or some sort of alcoholic drink!