Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashionably Late

Maria, my sister, is my cake "manager." She's great at spreading the word of my cakes, especially to HR at work. And that's where this order came from. It was a last minute request. The only guidelines I was given was something "fashionable" and "fun" for her daughter's 13th birthday. I didn't have much time, so I wanted something relatively easy. When I searched the internet for some fashion ideas, purse cakes were all over the place. So I decided to go with that!

I took two 10" cakes, sliced off one of the ends and then stuck them together to make the shape. I was worried the cakes would tip over, but thankfully they didn't. I think the fondant helped keep them in place. I went with a pink zebra and polka dot pattern to make it girly and fun. The lady who ordered the cake gave me some pink and clear jewels to use, so I put them around the cake.

For not having a lot of time for this cake, I think it came out super cute!


  1. i really like this, (i follow u on twitter) very a la mode and grown up for a 13 year old. I don't make large cakes so I wouldn't even know where to start with baking the right shape sponge for this design, but I think it looks beautiful. well done! Charlotte (CupcakeCornerUK)

  2. Love this, you have a real talent !

  3. Love how this turned out--very cute!!