Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For those who don't know, I lovelovelove No Doubt. I mean, I LOVELOVELOVE No Doubt. They're one of my top five favorite bands. There was a time when almost every single spot on my bedroom walls and ceiling were covered with No Doubt posters/pics. So getting an order for a No Doubt themed cake makes me oh so giddy!

For this one, I had freedom to do whatever I wanted. All they asked is that I incorporate the band's albums. So I ordered some edible images of the album covers and placed them on the sides of the cake. Here's a pic:

On the top I put some No Doubt symbols/logos. An orange, a pink Saturn, an NxD logo and a boom box. I added a checkered border with some rasta striped corners.

I lovelovelove this cake!


  1. I think the Rasta corners are my fav. That turned out awesome!

  2. you are crazy amazing at this girl!

  3. THIS CAKE IS AMAZING!!!! Make me one please? K thanks.