Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Marital Masquerade

One of my co-workers is getting married in a couple weeks. She asked me to make the wedding cake. I'm SO excited. This will be my second wedding cake. I'm going to make sure to take a picture of it this time. haha The theme is a masquerade ball and her colors are black and purple. So fun! And the best part is she's giving me a lot of creative freedom. Also, I get to make other sweet treats. It's going to be the best dessert table ever! I can't wait.

She had her bridal shower this past weekend. I offered to make a cake for it. She asked if I could make a cake in the shape of a mask. So I made one in her wedding colors and added pearl dust, glitter and beads. I couldn't get a good picture to show off how sparkly it was, but here it is:

The beads took for-ev-er to put on. I had to do each one individually. I watched Modern Family while I did it, so it wasn't too bad. :)

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