Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Gift that Gave Too Much

I went to a murder mystery birthday party last night. It was for Mike's aunt. I probably wouldn't have gone if she hadn't asked me to make the cake. I'm not an actress and I've never played Clue. Not my cup of tea, but I actually ended up having fun! I didn't participate in the murder mystery though. I just sipped on my mojito and chatted with Mike's family.

Mike's aunt had a specific idea for her cake, which was fine with me! She likes gift box cakes. The colors of her party were green and blue. And she really likes stripes. So this is what she got...

Exactly what she wanted! lol These cakes took for-ev-er to make. I don't know why though. I didn't have much fun either. Total bummer. But they turned out alright and Mike's aunt loved them. So all the sweat and tears were worth it.

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