Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hurts and Tastes So Good

The season finale of True Blood is tonight! Of course, I had to make themed cupcakes! I wanted to have a variety so I used logos (Merlotte's, Fangtasia and Tru Blood) from the show. I also used some memorable quotes. If you can't read them because the picture is too small, here's what they say:

"Smite me, mother f*cker"
" drop, that's all you need."
"Sookie is MINE"
"Who ordered the hamburger with AIDS?" (my favorite!)

I HAD to make an "I (heart) Eric" cupcake too. And I made a couple with dripping blood.

30 minutes until the finale. I've got my Eric tee on and cupcakes in hand. I'm ready to visit Bon Temps!

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