Monday, September 21, 2009

A Trip Around the World

My sister (Maria) LOVES to travel. She's always on the hunt for good travel deals and planning her next trip. So it was only fitting that her bridal shower be travel themed!

We decorated my grandparents' house with vintage travel posters. We had food from different countries. We even thought of some travel-themed games. And I made the cake, of course. What better way to send Maria off to her married life than with a suitcase cake!?

First, I made these little "stickers" to go on the suitcase. Each one represents something. The British flag because Maria studied abroad in London. It's her favorite place to visit. The Las Vegas and San Francisco stickers because Maria and Paul have gone on many trips there. Ireland because Paul is Irish. The Volkswagen logo because Paul LOVES Beetles. Maria had a Beetle, too. And a yellow M&M because he's Maria's favorite.

For the cake, I covered a 13" x 9" cake with chocolate frosting and added some fondant buckle straps and handle to make it look like a suitcase. Here it is all finished:

Maria loved it and the bridal shower was a hit!


  1. ca-uuuuute!! I lobe it. Skillz, you have dem!

  2. That is awesome! Love the artwork! :)

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