Monday, August 24, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm part of Free Cakes For Kids ( We make birthday cakes for kids of families in need. Whatever the reason may be for a family not being able to give a kid a birthday cake, we're there to help. For the most part, I make cakes for a Womens' and Children's shelter in Brea. A super sweet lady, Mary Lou, gives me a call at the beginning of the month and let's me know what cakes are coming up. She'll tell me a little about the kid and what he/she would like on the cake (decorations, flavor). Those are definitely my favorite cakes to make.

This month, the shelter only had one cake for me. This was for a girl named Rachel who was turning 12. She wanted a star-shaped cake; white cake with chocolate frosting. Not an exciting cake, but simple cakes are lovely. Plus, it gave me an excuse to buy a star-shaped pan! Yessssss.

Ready to frost:

Basic white coat:

I didn't know her favorite colors so I stuck with the usual yellow color for stars:

The yellow star looked too plain, so I spiced it up with some sprinkles. Yay!

A birthday greeting and voila!

The writing didn't come out as nice as I wanted, because I piped yellow stars instead of making the yellow smooth. I still think it came out cute though!


  1. so cute & that is such a great cause/thing to do! yay you!!

  2. That is so cute!! I love all of your cakes! So glad I found your blog!:D