Monday, August 24, 2009

Step by Step

Julie in staffing hinted about her birthday for a few weeks. She's a fan of my baked treats, so she wanted a cake. I asked Maria for ideas since she works closely with her. Maria came up with a great one...New Kids On The Block! I really wanted to make this into a cake:

But the picture was too small and too detailed for a 6" cake. We were pretty sure Jordan Knight is her favorite, so we went with that.

Step 1 (We can have lots of fun): I started off with the cake topper. I took a picture of Jordan and made a thought bubble with her high school picture in it. So cheesy. I love it!

Step 2 (There's so much we can do): I baked a lemon cake and added a vanilla filling.

Step 3 (It's just you and me): I wanted the cake to be bright and totally 80s.

Step 4 (I can give you more): Of course it needed some super rad shapes!

Step 5 (Don't you know that the time is right): What would a New Kids cake be without some classic lyrics?

Here it is all complete:

Making this cake was such a blast! I sang NKOTB songs the whole time. I wish I could have kept it for myself!


  1. Those shapes are totes something Zack Morris would approve of. This gets 43 thumbs up.

  2. I wish that were my birthday cake! I wouldn't eat it, I'd have to freeze it and keep it forever.....Well, no, I would take lots of pictures then pig